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  King Of Soccer Tips provides the most accurate soccer betting tips, picks, handicaps, advice and predictions on the English Premier League (EPL), Italian Serie A, Spanish Primera Liga, German Bundesliga, France Ligue 1, Holland Eredivisie, UEFA Champions League, UEFA Europa League, World Cup, EURO Championships and Internationals.


How To Differentiate Between The Genuine Hong Kong Soccer Betting Tips & The Fake Hong Kong Soccer Betting Tips?

King Of Soccer Tips offer original and genuine Hong Kong soccer betting tips, sent direct by sms text message from Hong Kong, by PCCW mobile provider +85261227126. Our Hong Kong sms text network are one of the world's most advanced and reliable. Our sms text message can reach almost every countries and territories in the world. For added security, we also send the tips by email for records purposes.

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Fakes, Fraudsters and Imitation Sites And Services:
1) Do not advertise or post their SMS mobile number on their site.
2) Do not send their tips by SMS text, only by email.
3) Only allow you to login to their website and view the tips online.

These are mainly fraudsters from Malaysia, Thailand, Vietnam, Indonesia and Singapore who are out to cheat your hard-earned money! If the sites and services has ANY of the 3 criterias above, they are definitely fakes, fraudsters and imitation sites and services. - All Rights Reserved